Fox Data Hub

We are delighted to offer new customers our affordable rental package which includes manage support options.

Installation and setup is all done by our experienced support team.

Fox Data Hub

  • Managed remotely by our experienced support team.

  • Integrates easily with your existing network.

  • Regular system updates to ensure your system runs smoothly and secure.

  • Remote backups available to our data centre.

Features and Services

Fox Data Hub
Fox Data Hub

  • No moving parts and self cooling.
  • Up to 1TB storage.
  • Groupware
    • Email.
    • Calendar.
    • Tasks.
    • Notes.
    • Contacts.
  • Data in the cloud.
  • Supports dynamic IP addresses.
  • Local shared network drives.
  • Full system monitoring with email alerts
  • UPS – Built in battery power support.
  • Spam filter.
  • Anti virus scanner.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Access local data remotely.
  • Access files from mobile devices.
  • Full enterprise database system.